Friday, April 24, 2009

Location, location.....

I recently expanded my crafting repetoire to include resin, and now I'm experimenting with what I can do with it. In the crunch time before Deluxe, I'm trying to make everything I can with what supplies I have left.

I must say, these vintage map necklaces look even better using resin than when I use a clear cab (although those are cute, too):
Yes, I made a Tulsa necklace. I've also made OKC, Edmond, Moore/Norman, Austin and Dallas, as well as other cities that I have posted on my Etsy shop. The Oklahoma necklaces won't be posted because I'm saving them for Deluxe. [Although, if one of you really liked one of them, I'm sure something could be arranged :) ]

I also made a few map lockets using the resin, such as this one of New Orleans:

I even made a Tulsa locket for Deluxe!
If you have a city or town that you would like to see, please let me know! I'm still at it!
I make the city necklaces in two versions; sterling silver and the economy model that you see in the first photo. Sterling silver is $26, while the regular ball chain is $14.
Oh, while I have your attention; I'm always looking for old maps/atlases! Even if they are ripped or otherwise in pieces, please keep me in mind!
I hope everyone else is ready/nearly ready for Deluxe! Two weeks left!


  1. If I remember correctly, there is a town called Love, Oklahoma. It's toward the border between us and Texas (it may be IN Texas, but for some reason I was thinking it's just barely on our side of the state line). So if you've got an Oklahoma map lying around, maybe you could find that town and make a necklace out of it. I bet that would sell in a heartbeat, and so will the rest of them. They are adorable! I'm a big fan of resin jewelry.

  2. I really love those! I stumbled across them when I did the Friday Finds for the team blog earlier. I am interested in experimenting with resin, but I've yet to get the supplies.

  3. Thanks girls!
    I found Love (it's a county in OK). That got me thinking about the other towns with cool names (like Hope and what not). I just sold a custom map necklace less than an hour ago, so I'll be mixing up a batch this evening.

    Brigid - Hobby Lobby carries resin supplies. Things to know: it pours very quickly, wear gloves, don't touch it for at least 48hrs, and do it outside if you can. I though I was fine, no fume problems, and ten minutes after I finished my nose started burning!

    Keep the suggestions coming!

  4. these are the cutest!!! One thought might be to check out the scrap book section of the art supply store...I know I bought a book of scrap book paper for my collaging and there's one sheet that is an old-timey looking map ;)

    I cant believe it! 2 weeks! Im so excited!~

  5. These are great!
    Good luck at Deluxe, im sure you'll do fine these are very sellable!
    I hope you are ok with the tornado watch?
    That is really quite scary, we don't have anything like that here in England just a little storm now and again with a bit of thunder.
    Stay safe katie. Thank you for your message on my post, it was really sweet.
    Take care and stay safe!