Monday, July 27, 2009

"Moo" with me!

Oh, how I love promotional materials!
I recently ordered Moo mini cards for the first time, and they have arrived!
These cards are such a great way to show off my products, and I'm thrilled with the quality and the beauty of them.
For those of you who are not familiar with Moo, they are an online printing company who produce postcards, business cards, even stickers that can be customized with your photos or artwork.
The mini card is an adorable business card option. They come in boxes of 100 cards, and you can upload a different photograph for each card if you like (I used twenty-five different photos).
You can customize the reverse side with your Etsy shop/URL and any other information you like.
Etsy has a partnership with Moo, and often advertises special deals.
For ideas on how to use Moo products, check The Storque.
If you have never ordered from Moo before, use the code 2RB2CK at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

It's a good idea to always have your business card handy for potential customers, but the mini cards don't fit in traditional card cases. There are some Etsians who make products especially for Moo cards.
My favorite is Splatgirl, who makes the best MooPockets. Her pockets hold about 20 cards, and you can get them with a clip or keyring for convenience.

I ordered the MooPocket with a window and an added clip (it is pictured filled with cards above and below). I got to choose my fabrics, and it arrived two days later. She has the fastest shipping of any Etsy seller I have ever ordered from, and her product quality is amazing! She also makes wallets, purses and other durable necessities.
The holiday craft show season is sneaking up on us. Go get yourself some Moo cards, and a cute little pouch to put them in!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Item: Custom Map Rings

Innovation strikes again!
Last week, I went over to Jemellia's house to pick up some of her merchandise for Live at the Plaza. While I was there, I noticed her fabric buttons. Lately, I find handmade buttons very fascinating. She showed me how to use the simple little kit to cover a metal button in fabric.
I then went to Hobby Lobby and picked out two sizes of kits. Hobby Lobby had them on sale for half off, but they are normally less than $2.00 anyway.
I got home and sat in my craft room, staring at the parts. I covered two with fabric, and they came out lovely; however, that is what everyone does with them. I would hate for someone to copy my merchandise, and I would never knowingly do that to someone else.
What I needed was a new idea.
And then it came to me......

Cover them in PAPER!!!

At first, I didn't think it could be done, that I would tear the paper, but I found that if I crumple the paper it becomes softer and tears less easily.
This can be done with scrapbook paper, too. I've tried it, and ended up with a cute pair of earrings. I just need to remove the button loop with pliers, and glue the button on to whatever I want (ring, earring back, bobby pin).
To protect the paper, I coat the finished product in varnish.
I tested one to see how waterproof it is; while you can not submerge the ring, drops of water will roll off.
So I present to you my newest invention....custom map rings!
Look for select locations at my upcoming craft shows.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Two new, super-cool things

I have two announcements to make!
First, I am happy to be the new co-leader of Disciples of Etsy, Oklahoma's Etsy Street Team. Brigid of Grey Eye Designs is the other wonderful co-leader,I am excited to be able to assist her with our great team!
Secondly, after a lot of sweat and tears (and maybe a little blood), I finally created and launched! From my new site, visitors can connect to my Etsy shop as well as this blog and all my Funkybella social networking sources.
I am staying busy this summer indeed!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th in Wichita

For the 4th of July weekend, we traveled North to Wichita, Kansas. Jason's grandmother and uncle live there, and his parents also came up, making it a nice holiday visit with family.
Our uncle said fireworks are illegal in the city, but that didn't stop anyone. Everybody shot off giant displays for an extended period of time. We parked at a strip mall, stood outside of the car and had a 360 degree show for well over an hour. I've seen the best fireworks displays in the country, including good old Las Vegas, and this blew them all away.
In addition, I soon discovered three food-related ways that Wichita is better than OKC.
  1. Quick Trip (y'all have 'em in Tulsa; we here do without)
  2. Carlos O'Kelly's (I hate to say it, but way more flavorful than Ted's)
  3. Village Inn (I had the crepes pictured below; Nutella and fruit. Unbelievable)
We spent some time cleaning the garage of clutter.
I came upon a box full of craft booklets from the '50's, '60's and '70's (Jason's grandma never crafted, so we don't know where these came from).
There are knitting, crochet, macrame, embroidery, weaving and more. I'll be bringing most of them to the supply swap at Downtown DIY on July 25th; make sure to attend if you want some!

In addition to being a habitual crafter, I'm also a lover of all things vintage. I'm having so much fun looking through all the awesome retro photographs.

Which brings me to this photo:

"OK. You're going to model the sweaters while feeding peanuts to this squirrel. It will look cute and outdoorsy!" That is not awkward at all!

(please feel free to add your own captions)