Friday, February 5, 2010

New Year!

Hello everyone!
I'm back every Saturday at the OSU-OKC Farmers' Market. It is located on Portland Ave. just south of the main campus in the Horticulture Pavilion. Winter hours (until April) are 10am-1pm. As always, check my Twitter feed for news, information and special deals.

Here is a lovely little video highlighting the market!
I appear nine minutes and thirty seconds in:

See you at the farmers' market!


  1. You did great! Perfect voice for the camera! What wonderful exposure for you!!

  2. You look just lovely, and so does your jewelry! I would love to set up at a farmers' market sometime. I take it you enjoy doing it?

  3. Good job, Katie! That looks like a fun place to set up. I wish we had an indoor farmers market like that in the winter.

  4. Thanks, ladies!
    I do like it. It's a bit slow sometimes, but I just sit there and have (mostly) very nice people talk to me and compliment my work. I have several frequent customers. It is great for custom orders because they can pick them up the following week.
    Plus, I buy fresh eggs from the elderly couple two stalls down.
    I love being a part of it. I'm suprised they don't have something like it in Tulsa.