Sunday, March 29, 2009

That was some weekend!

I was surprisingly productive this weekend (yay, go me!)

On Friday I drove to Tulsa and back in the rain to meet Brigid and collect the team promo postcards for some of us OKC-area folks. I like driving long distances, and it was actually a nice afternoon trip; even if there were some cars spun-out and facing the wrong way on the turnpike! On Saturday, the snow came. It wasn't bad here, really. It was the kind of snow that you can easily push off your windshield, and the roads were not slick. In fact, once the sun came up, the snow was melting as it hit the ground. I went to the Cleveland County Fairgrounds to check out the scene and to meet Mathea of NickAnny. Her lovely soaps smelled so wonderful!

So snow yesterday, and today it was almost 70. That's Oklahoma for you. I was able to get a bunch of new items listed today that I think are just lovely. I have a few colors of these vintage jewel earrings:
I also created a simpler version of my favorite vintage blue sparkle ring:

And here is something I'm really excited about; a Victorian-style sparkle choker!

I love it!
Of course, I don't think any of us would make anything we didn't love!
I really do have a special place in my heart for harlequin stones, though.

So here we are about to embark on another week. I'm trying to prepare for the Deluxe show as far ahead as possible; I'll probably get my displays this week, and I'll see what else I need to add to my checklist. Check one thing off the list, add three more....

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  1. hey there girl! nice to meet you! We got a ton of post cards, didnt we??? What a cute blog you have, I'll see you soon at deluxe!~