Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Item: Custom Map Rings

Innovation strikes again!
Last week, I went over to Jemellia's house to pick up some of her merchandise for Live at the Plaza. While I was there, I noticed her fabric buttons. Lately, I find handmade buttons very fascinating. She showed me how to use the simple little kit to cover a metal button in fabric.
I then went to Hobby Lobby and picked out two sizes of kits. Hobby Lobby had them on sale for half off, but they are normally less than $2.00 anyway.
I got home and sat in my craft room, staring at the parts. I covered two with fabric, and they came out lovely; however, that is what everyone does with them. I would hate for someone to copy my merchandise, and I would never knowingly do that to someone else.
What I needed was a new idea.
And then it came to me......

Cover them in PAPER!!!

At first, I didn't think it could be done, that I would tear the paper, but I found that if I crumple the paper it becomes softer and tears less easily.
This can be done with scrapbook paper, too. I've tried it, and ended up with a cute pair of earrings. I just need to remove the button loop with pliers, and glue the button on to whatever I want (ring, earring back, bobby pin).
To protect the paper, I coat the finished product in varnish.
I tested one to see how waterproof it is; while you can not submerge the ring, drops of water will roll off.
So I present to you my newest invention....custom map rings!
Look for select locations at my upcoming craft shows.


  1. Those are so cute!! You are quite the creative little thing. I love the way they turned out. Don't you just adore Hobby Lobby and their awesome little unexpected sales?

  2. Seriously! They also had the hot bead making kit I have wanted forever for half off!